Are you planning an engagement? If yes, then this article is definitely a good guide for you. Finding the perfect engagement ring is the most important and exciting part of the whole thing. It is one of your big days in life and should be memorable. You pull an engagement ring out of your pocket and ask your lady love to be your wife. You desperately want her to say yes and fall in love with her ring too, right?

You can ensure this to happen by following some useful tips on how to pick out the perfect engagement ring:

Work on your budget

You will across an infinite number of choices when it comes to buying a perfect engagement ring. For that, you must have your budget set at top priority as in how much money you are ready to spend on the ring. This is the very first step and you need to work on it before proceeding to actually start looking for a beautiful ring. A good ring shouldn’t have be extraordinarily expensive and flashy rather it should be decent looking and contemporary. Most importantly, it should be loved by your fiancé-to-be. So you must keep all these things in mind before finalizing your budget and actually proceed to buy one.

Do your homework

There’s a lot you can learn about rings and stones like diamonds and gold etc before you visit the jeweller’s shop. You can start with the 4Cs – Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight – so you understand the worth of the stone. You’ll know what is more important to you and if you’re ready to make some amendments in your already sorted action plan. Also, find a good jeweller and for that do the necessary research.

Know what she likes

One of the most important things to do here is to pay attention to the kind of jewellery wears. It would either be minimal, basic, and contemporary or maybe even a mix of both. Does she wear more white metals or yellow gold? Does she like diamonds? If yes, then what’s her style! Delicate or chunky? Sleek or ornate? Have these preferences in mind when you decide to buy one for her. You won’t go wrong with your selection if you already know yours sync with her choice.

Know her size

Definitely, something you must already know; her ring size. You can check her ring size either by borrowing one she owns or if you’re planning a surprise, you can indulge a friend in your venture. Once done, you can easily carry on with your plan to buy the flawless ring that fits her accurately. You can either trace it on a paper or take the impression on a bar of soap or maybe get a female friend or family member to lend you a hand of help in this regard. Also, make sure you buy something she really likes so be observant and see what she likes to wear and whatnot.

Decide a beautiful engagement destination

Finally, for the most awaited day, you must decide on a beautiful and cozy setting where you can actually propose to her and give her the ring.