Winters have finally set in; it means this is the time of the year where invitations for cocktail parties will reflexively stream in; Cocktail party arrangements however what’s difficult is what to wear and how to create the perfect outfit for never-ending party invitations. Here’s our quick guide on Cocktail party trends for this holiday season.

How to pick your outfit for Cocktail Parties:

Outfit for a cocktail party might be not so hard to choose but still, it needs attention. Some of the best ways you can a festive entrance into the party are listed here

Leather Pants:  Leather pants never go out of style, and it’ll continue to be everywhere this season, put on the pants, and pair it up with a blue jeans-fabric shirt, it will make you look even better.

Jump Suit:  Jump-suit is another best choice that you can make for yourself; it makes you look classy. Style it up with short sandals, and earrings to complete the look.

Lace Dresses: Lace is timeless and can be fit for almost any occasion. Pick a medium length white lace dresses or a lace shirt paired with denim. Accessorise with a bold clutch and high heels to complete your look.

Semi-Formal Two-Piece Suit: Nothing looks better than a two-piece casual suit, and a blazer paired up with high heels and a messy bun.

Shimmers & Sequins: Don’t like heels? Rest assured, a short shimmery dress is all you want to slay the part pair it up with a high pony-tail and flat formal sandals. Alternatively, if you want to go for a full party look, then a short sequin dress is a must for you, pair it up with pain sandals, and minimal jewellery to make yourself look elegant than ever.

Casual But Cocktail: Want to feel pretty and comfy both at once? Go for pyjamas, and accessorize it with a sparkly clutch and high heels to make it fit for a fancy evening.

Winter nights are long and cold, if you want to choose something comfy, then go for a long printed sweatshirt and pair it up with high boots and dress like this, surely get all the compliments.

Mini Skirts & Cocktail Dresses:  If you want to turn all the heads towards you, an off-shoulder mini skirt will help you to do so go for a light colour to make yourself more prominent and pair it up with high pencil heels, and some cute jewellery will do the rest of the talking. You could also choose to wear a cocktail dress with a plunging neckline or sheer back and pair it with heels and bold jewellery pieces.

Slits: A simple solid colour dress with a thigh-length slit can make a statement like no other. Paired with the right heels and accessories, you are sure to turn heads when you walk into the next cocktail party.