Getting the perfect tan is indeed an art. A lot of women spend summers laying on the beach to achieve the perfect shade of tan only to be frustrated when the tan goes away as soon as the end of the summer and the weather gets cozy. Others choose a hassle-free way and opt for an artificial tan with tanning sprays and tanning treatments that give them temporary but accurate fix for getting a summer tan.

However, what most women don’t know is that there are indeed ways that they could keep the natural tan for prolonged periods of time without worrying about it fading away at the end of summers. A few simple additions to your regular skin care routine can guarantee you a long-lasting tan this season.

Try our quick tips and see if your tan lasts any longer.

  1. Exfoliation Kills Your Tan: While exfoliation is very good for your skin, if you want to keep your natural tan, it is best that you exfoliate before you expose yourself to the sun, and exfoliate enough so you remove all the dead skin cells on your epidermis and you can then conveniently sunbathe and get your tan. Frequent exfoliation after acquiring a tan, and especially during those winter months when you cannot get much of a tan can conveniently cause you to lose your tan in a matter of few days.
  2. Apply Loads of Sun Cream: The more the merrier is a befitting quotation when it comes to the application of sun cream. According to expert dermatologists, as much as 3 heaped tablespoons of sun cream are great for your body before you go out getting that natural tan. This not only protects you skin but also helps your tan last longer.
  3. Get the Glow with Body Oil: There is nothing more exquisite than a perfectly tanned shiny body. You can achieve that simply by putting fragranced body oil over your tan. The body oil not only preserves your tan but also gives your skin that glossy celebrity-like skin rendering you no less than a vogue front cover model with a perfect glowing tan.
  4. Wear bright Clothing; Bright coloured clothing further adds and accentuate your natural tan. Even though this might sound like an ordinary tip, but try flaunting your tanned back or legs with a white top or a cocktail dress and you will see how brilliantly the dress accentuates your natural tan.
  5. Cover up Your Natural Tan with Fake Tan: As the month’s progress, keep your natural tan while covering it up with added layers of fake tan using one of the many tanning lotions available. This trick not only blends your natural tan with the fake tan seamlessly but also helps to protect the natural tan.
  6. Moisturize & Hydrate yourself: A hydrated skin is crucial no matter you want a tan or not. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin regularly. It not only keeps your tan for longer periods but also gives your skin a natural shine and glow.