Outdoor space is the most liked area of your home during the summertime. It is the best place to refresh your mind while sometimes having cold coffee, reading, or even napping. To give your space a more exotic look, bohemian-style furniture or setting can go a long way. Bohemian style is all about experimenting with colours and textures. All you need is a creative eye and willingness to try it.

Of course, to pull it off, you need to say goodbye to the old conventional ways of decorating. So, if you are up for it, then ahead is the ultimate guide to creating a boho-inspired outdoor space.

Seating Arrangement And Furniture

Bohemian means anything that breaks the norm. So, when it comes to the seating arrangement, you can select the furniture which is more on the natural side. By natural material, we mean the chair should be curated out of natural materials such as rattan, leather, wood or bamboo. Other than a chair, you can also opt for household stools.

Be little Creative With Pillows And Rugs

Pillows and rugs can change the decoration game entirely. Select colourful patterns in rugs and cover the floor with them. Over the rug, you can place a stylish piece of the couch along with some colourful pillows that match the rug. This provides a colourful touch of bohemian style to your outdoor space.

There are several boho-themed cushions available in the market. For furniture, you can buy boho furniture at Barefoot Gypsy. They have got the best variety in it.

Include Plants In Your Setting

Since it’s the outdoor space we are talking about, you can include various types of plants. They won’t look out of place as the setting is already outside and will instantly elevate the overall look—the first choice is to keep plants in ceramic pots. You can also go for palm baskets.

Brighten Up The Space With Some Light

Outdoor has ample light during the day, but that’s not the case once the sun sets. You can hang a few pairs of luminous lamps on the ceiling to brighten up the nighttime space. The overall setting will definitely give the bohemian appeal to your outdoor space. You can add a few scented candles to give it a natural touch.

Wall Decor

Although it’s an outdoor space, there are still walls around it as long as it’s within the walls of your home. Walls play a vital role when you decorate your home. Plenty of things, such as wall hanging baskets, lights or mirrors, can help you decorate the space.

You can also hang paintings on the wall. Apart from it, you can hang or stick some posters on the wall that are inspired by the bohemian style.


The decoration is easy if you have all the right tools at your disposal. For a boho-inspired look, all you need to do is throw in various colourful items. The items can be randomly picked; just make sure once they come together, they look beautiful together.